Vaccination price table 2019

The vaccines to be carried out depend not only on the geographic areas in which you intend to go, but also on your travel and accommodation conditions. The questionnaire below once completed, will give you the list of vaccines necessary for your trip. You will have the option of accepting them or not in order to have a personalized quote. All these vaccines and their indications will in any case be reviewed in consultation.

Here is a link to request personalized quotes from travelers: MY VACCINATION QUOTATION (French web-site)

Travel pharmacy:

Take with you:

  • Her usual treatments
  • Treatments prescribed specifically for the trip
  • All medicines must remain in their original packaging, divided between cabin and hold, along with their prescription.

In addition to the prescriptions made during the consultation, provide:

  • Compresses pre-soaked with antiseptic
  • Dressing
  • Adhesive sutures
  • Burn cream
  • Tweezers, tick puller, thermometer
  • Physiological serum
  • Avoid buying drugs abroad (counterfeits!)
  • Allow for surplus.
  • And don't forget that antibiotics are not automatic..


  • Have completed a recent dental check-up
  • Have consulted in the event of a recent health problem
  • In case of pregnancy, to have carried out at least one ultrasound
  • Scan prescriptions for travel
  • Scan the medical summary produced by his general practitioner or specialist in the event of chronic illness


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