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It was suddenly at the end of November 2019 the start of our adventure, a long and perilous road that awaited us but with beautiful things in sight for our trip. It was funny at first to see the surprised look of people seeing us at our age driving this famous rolling house. We started by leaving our beautiful Savoie to go towards Paris, recall of vaccines required for the rest of our journey, stopping us nights in parking lots offering various services, free or not, for camper vans. Then we made a little detour to Normandy to visit a friend. Shortly after, we left France for Belgium, more precisely Charleroi to also visit another friend who made us visit this city at the same time.

In the days that followed, we had to pick up in Li├Ęge a very useful package for our camper-car which allows us to supply ourselves more easily with electricity. To believe that Belgium no longer wanted us to leave it, our package was nowhere to be found and we ran after it for several days, the post making us go around in circles no longer knowing what to do. We knocked on several doors before going straight to the sorting center. A chance for us that the people we met on our way came to our aid. This mishap ended, we were finally able to hit the road to head to Germany.



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