Cologne was the first city we went to, offering us its dense traffic, its skyscrapers, its monuments and its magnificent Christmas market where there were crowds .. We tasted their beers, thirst quenching pils and their attractive mulled wines! We continued on small roads far from the city, crossing small villages to reach another city, Frankfurt-on-hand.
We went to the top of the Main Tower offering us a panoramic view.

And allowing us to also see beautiful streets to visit. This is how we came across another Christmas market just as beautiful as the first, where we tasted their pretzels.

Then we headed to the city of Nuremberg where we could visit an imperial castle.

In the evening we continued to walk in the small streets of the city where we discovered a village located in the courtyard of a castle, offering a small Christmas market.

After the city, it is the monument to the Battle of the Nations located in Leipzig that we went to see. We climbed 500 stairs to reach its summit.
Small paranthèse of history: A poet had the idea of ​​creating a memorial there to honor the dead a year after a devastating battle between the unified forces of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden against Napoleon and his allies.

We absolutely wanted to go through the capital of the country before leaving it. On the outskirts of Berlin, we were lucky to find a parking space for motorhomes allowing us to benefit of all services for free. So we decided to go looking for a job from this place by knocking on several doors around and by taking the train which gave us access to the city to go and see different interim boxes. Unfortunately it didn't work. We also took the opportunity to receive another package for the motorhome, rather important where we explain it to you by clicking here
It was while starting the tour of the capital that we could see a part of what can remain of the Berlin Wall.

Not knowing where to go next, we saw the TV tower in the distance, called "Fernsehturm ", with a height of 368 m and which is a symbol of the old East Berlin because it was built at the time of the iron curtain. Unfortunately we were unable to visit it due to the high prices and therefore decided to continue our walk to explore other places in the city.

The following days we returned to town with our bikes to visit the 67m tall Victory Column, it was erected to commemorate the victory of Germany against Denmark in 1864.
At its summit it gave us a magnificent view.

After a week spent in Berlin, we hit the road towards Poland with a stop at the old concentration camp from Sashsenhausen.
It will be this last visit that we will remember the most from our visit to Germany. We had the opportunity to listen throughout this story, in French, of the old camp. Even more shocking and hard to hear than what we could learn in the course of history. To make it cold in the back!

The photos bear witness to themselves.

Entrance to the camp
Dining room

Detained clothing

Prison corridor

Pole hanging by the hands

Execution pit
Autopsy table

Little stories ..

Gallows :
During the visit, we heard the story of a young Ukrainian man of 19 years captive of the camp, who, to make a few extra pennies, offered to create soles for his fellow prisoners. However, the guards surprised him and put him to death for this. He was tied to the gallows and whipped and then hanged. The man who tells this tells us that this act was judged by all of the most cruel act they could see.

The false execution:
It was here that certain prisoners were executed. At first shot and then they installed three hanging systems.


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